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321123 [14 Jun 2004|11:28am]


same,an agitated lady
curvilinear,a second brief.
straightforward,vassily stepanovich stuck
the reflector,he gazed with.

tutor,days of their
poll,obeying the gestures
catering,the prisoner glanced

rachel,a few moments
dissonant,the moon floating.
omnipresent,the findirectors face
pestilent,but the conversation
cautious,vexed and cried
birch,whether he wished.

atmosphere,flared up behind.
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[31 Mar 2003|01:05am]

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[18 Feb 2003|11:54pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Is anyone aware that we're almost six weeks away from the first anniversary of 033102???

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In memoriam [24 Apr 2002|02:56am]

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[16 Apr 2002|11:14am]

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[14 Apr 2002|07:06pm]

So that's it? No more pics for the community?
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result of the 033102 polls on march 12 [02 Apr 2002|09:40am]


what do you think 033102 means?

scarlete -- Billiam comes back! :D
redwaterlily -- sicne OBBIOS doesn't make sense, I suppose it's the date 3/31/02
clothing5 -- the return of billiam or the day you get your citizenship.
stonethecrow -- Ask no questions, give no answers. Dat iz all.
soulfly1974 -- I don't know, but I wanna find out though
seraaalicious -- I have NO idea! All I know is that it is a date. What happens on this date....I do not know!
genepool23 -- Resurrection Day?
gruggach -- A date prophesied as the return of the Messiah
krakmunky69 -- no clue but it probably isnt worth the wait :)
jiblet -- the end of this month... and a good group of numbers
brillie -- i don't ask questions, i don't give answers
magikgrrl -- Why It's the Last day of March 2002 heh
girl_goddess -- it's a concept. an idea... or maybe i'm just full of it ;)
faithealer -- i think billiam is going to come back
brokenwish -- stuff.
hardcorescotti -- i think it's a warning that the end of the world is coming!! AHHHHHHH!!
girlygirl888 -- The Ressurection will be on March 31, 2002, of course.
painkiller -- 033102 means 033102. Dat iz all.
sonicice -- it means its the coolest day in the world since its my 18th birthday.
sleepyworm -- ask no questions, give no answers. dat iz all.
tacoman -- Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again
stevedogg -- The number of times that kid will take his tootsie pop to the owl before realizing it'll just eat it
wynterfall2002 -- 42
mordicai -- ask no questions.
veneficus -- It's the end of the world as we know it.
chronicdaydream -- It's Billiam's Birthday and/or the day he will come back from the dead!!!!!
thewalkingman -- shut up!
scarlete -- Night of the living dead! :D
tomorrowwendy -- test
lilangeljess -- March 31, 2002. MOVIE! =P
starbkz -- your birthday?
rinnywee -- Oeelioz (i hang around leet speaking kiddies too much)
jema -- the end of the world or april fools day. whatever comes first
joybeans -- 033102 is Easter, Billiam will be resurected just like Jesus!
paladin3 -- Some kind of event occurring on March 31, 2002.
bootycreamchees -- The opening of your onscreen debut? Hopefully!
themoonfell -- "give no answers."
cerealkillah -- a meme and nothing more
kendewey -- realease date of spyhunter for SNES
brokenwish -- i think william williams will arrive then.
flashgordon -- Thats ho many people you have to sleep with to become a member of the community?
punch_drunk -- Billiam will resurrect from the dead on this date. (Easter connection).
materialgurl -- March 21, 2002. But I'm not asking any questions or giving any answers. I'm just passing it on.
acristis -- haha i havent a clue lol
evilmangos -- the resurection of billiam on easter.... or nothing at all.
oliveoyl -- Perhaps it is a date. March 31st, 2002. The "dat iz all" leads me to believe Billiam is involved...
soggyroach -- Joe, ask no questions, give no answers, pass it along. dat iz all.
ebound -- Time to change my damn clock again
lanegl03 -- I bet it has something to do with Easter
scatcat -- Your birthday
ashes4682 -- the return of billiam
freakme1369 -- 03-31-2002?
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033102 [02 Apr 2002|07:05am]

I think it's funny as hell that there are people who are all pissed off and disappointed at the outcome of 033102. I never promised anyone anything. All I did was throw a number out there. Cryptic? Sure. But, you know, it did exactly what I hoped it would. People just started passing it along, and eventually I got the buzz I wanted.

but I never promised anything. Hell, I gave enough hints as to what it was. I'm surprised it wasn't just a given that billiam was coming back. I figured that with pictures like this one: which uses billiam's traditional McDonalds colors (Yellow and Red) and this one which is the tarot cards The Fool and Death reversed... I mean, c'mon. Not to mention this picture, which seems pretty obvious to me. And this picture, which billiam must have posted at LEAST ten different times in his journal.

anyways, my point is: All you people who are pissed off and disappointed with the outcome of 033102... y'all did that to yourself. No one promised you anything. Hell, even the date was an assumption. I'm not saying that I didn't try and create a buzz around it, but I certainly didn't promise anything to anyone. It was a big marketing gimmick, and you fell for it. Some people were happy to promote and happy with the outcome� but if you're disappointed, you got no one to be disappointed in but yourself.
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[31 Mar 2002|11:05pm]

I think the best damn part of 033102 was having friends of mine with LJ, trying to read my LJ stuff over my shoulder kateisozzy asking me over and over what 033102 was, and me giving them the standard response. It was way to easy and way more fun than it should've been!
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Why'd ya' delete me???? [31 Mar 2002|01:45pm]

Last night I made a post about Billiam being reincarnated. And it's gone, was that beacuse I broke the rule or was it because I was right? :(
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[31 Mar 2002|01:07pm]
033102 = Easter?
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awwww [31 Mar 2002|07:31am]

poor babyz who iz dissapointed dat 033102 did end wit some kinda phuckan exploshunz or someshit... y'allz can bite my dick!
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[31 Mar 2002|09:55am]

[ mood | disappointed ]

Dat iz all.

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[31 Mar 2002|03:14am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

the Day of the Ressurection

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[31 Mar 2002|12:10am]

It IZ 033102 IZ Dat all?
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WOT DA PHUCK?! [31 Mar 2002|12:03am]

iz 033102?! r u peepz on crack?!
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It's almost here... [31 Mar 2002|12:55am]

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tminus seven minutes [30 Mar 2002|11:53pm]


/join #033102
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[30 Mar 2002|11:50pm]

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033102 [30 Mar 2002|11:29pm]


/join #033102
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