King Joe the Wicked (thewalkingman) wrote in 033102,
King Joe the Wicked


I think it's funny as hell that there are people who are all pissed off and disappointed at the outcome of 033102. I never promised anyone anything. All I did was throw a number out there. Cryptic? Sure. But, you know, it did exactly what I hoped it would. People just started passing it along, and eventually I got the buzz I wanted.

but I never promised anything. Hell, I gave enough hints as to what it was. I'm surprised it wasn't just a given that billiam was coming back. I figured that with pictures like this one: which uses billiam's traditional McDonalds colors (Yellow and Red) and this one which is the tarot cards The Fool and Death reversed... I mean, c'mon. Not to mention this picture, which seems pretty obvious to me. And this picture, which billiam must have posted at LEAST ten different times in his journal.

anyways, my point is: All you people who are pissed off and disappointed with the outcome of 033102... y'all did that to yourself. No one promised you anything. Hell, even the date was an assumption. I'm not saying that I didn't try and create a buzz around it, but I certainly didn't promise anything to anyone. It was a big marketing gimmick, and you fell for it. Some people were happy to promote and happy with the outcome� but if you're disappointed, you got no one to be disappointed in but yourself.
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