King Joe the Wicked (thewalkingman) wrote in 033102,
King Joe the Wicked

result of the 033102 polls on march 12

what do you think 033102 means?

scarlete -- Billiam comes back! :D
redwaterlily -- sicne OBBIOS doesn't make sense, I suppose it's the date 3/31/02
clothing5 -- the return of billiam or the day you get your citizenship.
stonethecrow -- Ask no questions, give no answers. Dat iz all.
soulfly1974 -- I don't know, but I wanna find out though
seraaalicious -- I have NO idea! All I know is that it is a date. What happens on this date....I do not know!
genepool23 -- Resurrection Day?
gruggach -- A date prophesied as the return of the Messiah
krakmunky69 -- no clue but it probably isnt worth the wait :)
jiblet -- the end of this month... and a good group of numbers
brillie -- i don't ask questions, i don't give answers
magikgrrl -- Why It's the Last day of March 2002 heh
girl_goddess -- it's a concept. an idea... or maybe i'm just full of it ;)
faithealer -- i think billiam is going to come back
brokenwish -- stuff.
hardcorescotti -- i think it's a warning that the end of the world is coming!! AHHHHHHH!!
girlygirl888 -- The Ressurection will be on March 31, 2002, of course.
painkiller -- 033102 means 033102. Dat iz all.
sonicice -- it means its the coolest day in the world since its my 18th birthday.
sleepyworm -- ask no questions, give no answers. dat iz all.
tacoman -- Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again
stevedogg -- The number of times that kid will take his tootsie pop to the owl before realizing it'll just eat it
wynterfall2002 -- 42
mordicai -- ask no questions.
veneficus -- It's the end of the world as we know it.
chronicdaydream -- It's Billiam's Birthday and/or the day he will come back from the dead!!!!!
thewalkingman -- shut up!
scarlete -- Night of the living dead! :D
tomorrowwendy -- test
lilangeljess -- March 31, 2002. MOVIE! =P
starbkz -- your birthday?
rinnywee -- Oeelioz (i hang around leet speaking kiddies too much)
jema -- the end of the world or april fools day. whatever comes first
joybeans -- 033102 is Easter, Billiam will be resurected just like Jesus!
paladin3 -- Some kind of event occurring on March 31, 2002.
bootycreamchees -- The opening of your onscreen debut? Hopefully!
themoonfell -- "give no answers."
cerealkillah -- a meme and nothing more
kendewey -- realease date of spyhunter for SNES
brokenwish -- i think william williams will arrive then.
flashgordon -- Thats ho many people you have to sleep with to become a member of the community?
punch_drunk -- Billiam will resurrect from the dead on this date. (Easter connection).
materialgurl -- March 21, 2002. But I'm not asking any questions or giving any answers. I'm just passing it on.
acristis -- haha i havent a clue lol
evilmangos -- the resurection of billiam on easter.... or nothing at all.
oliveoyl -- Perhaps it is a date. March 31st, 2002. The "dat iz all" leads me to believe Billiam is involved...
soggyroach -- Joe, ask no questions, give no answers, pass it along. dat iz all.
ebound -- Time to change my damn clock again
lanegl03 -- I bet it has something to do with Easter
scatcat -- Your birthday
ashes4682 -- the return of billiam
freakme1369 -- 03-31-2002?
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